Tax Incentives

A fiscal stimulus consists of various ways to reduce or exempt the payment of certain taxes, they are awarded fulfilling certain requirements for certain activities considered to be of public interest by the State.

There are several types of consistent fiscal stimuli such as:

  • Temporary waiver of tax and fee reduction.
  • Special areas with preferential tax treatment (import duties, income tax, value added tax).
  • Investment incentives (accelerated depreciation, partial deduction, tax credits).
  • Employment incentives (tax rebates for hiring labor).
  • For the specific performance of certain activities (film, film distribution, etc)


  • Detection of opportunities to receive Fiscal Incentives.
  • Diagnosis feasibility of obtaining fiscal stimulus.
  • Definition of projects most likely to obtain Stimuli.
  • Integration of the application and presentation of it.
  • Tracking after obtaining the benefit compliance.

In Insuser we can effectively advise you according to your regime and business situation for the purpose of making it a good candidate for tax incentives for processing