About Us

Company History

With the experience of 30 years of successful service in major international companies, the founder with a group of like-minded professionals, decides to offer professional services independently since February 2008, creating International Support Services S.C. as an office support and advice: National and International Tax, Audit, Tax Incentives, optimization strategies Finance and Accounting Operations Management.

Having successfully collaborated in international leading companies in perfomance worldwide, forged in founding a proactive approach to continuous improvement, which has transmitted the professionals who make up the working groups of the office, towards adherence to laws, regulations and Financial Reporting Standards, is added value in the services provided.

Over the years, this proactive approach has become a natural skill that helps define a clear and practical way, the ideal way in which companies must operate their financial management, tax and accounting, to perform its operational activities safely, efficiently and effectively.

Over time and based on a proper process of finding talent, has formed a team of professionals, motivated and focused on clear objectives collaborators, supported the Vision, Mission and Values with which collaboration exists in International Support Services SC



To be recognized as the best option office financial advisory, tax, accounting, for the safety of our partnerships, commitment to problem solving, excellent balance between the cost of our services and added value received, based on the strict compliance with laws, regulations and applicable Financial Reporting Standards.


 Collaborating in the very success of our customers with technical knowledge and skills, aimed at improving safety: Financial, Fiscal and Accounting; market share; cash flows and as a result, in promoting good results, based on a productive professional association.


  • Safety         
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Productivity
  • Creating Value
  • Efficiency
  • Creativity
  • Wide view Business

The features that we ponder on the services provided by the company are:

  • Personalized service according to the needs of the company and the executives in charge.
  • A broad and comprehensive business vision in the execution of services.
  • The complementary services with other specialists near treatment and related specialists or groups we offer.
  • Knowledge and understanding of tax, accounting field and national and international finance.

Even as society, International Support Services, S.C. was founded in February 2008, after this date, through its founder, they accumulate more than 40 years of professional activity; of national and international academic preparation; corporate training; continuous, sustained and successful professional growth.